Since I moved (back) to Prague

After/Since I moved (back) to Prague, I…

– discovered the real strengh of heavy-duty cleaning products
– helped assembling a bed at 2 am
– read less books than in those three months we lived in Bratislava this year
– went to the cinema more times than in the whole year we lived in Bratislava
– had a few beers in PUBs around Prague that I would never enter if it wasn’t for the new non-smoking law
– baked a number of banana cakes
– started many Sunday mornings singing Jack Johnson and frying banana pancakes
– harvested strawberries
– ate many a few strawberries during the harvesting process
– threw 6-month of research to the trash
– played the tour guide three or four times showing Prague to my friends
– acknowledged that life is short
– cried for things worth crying over
– cried for things which were not worthy
– have been to Italy twice
– ate melanzane in ever single opportunity I had in Italy
– went for a walk with my beloved Czech guy in many Summer (sunny) nights
– struggled to keep myself motivated at work
– worked my way through it anyway
– listened to La la land’s soundtrack for days
– drove to Moravia and back, then to Moravia and back, etc
– bought 36 Christmas crackers to take to Brazil
– learned that Christmas crackers contain a kind of explosive, so I could not take them to Brazil
– took to Brazil a luggage filled up with a big-fluffy shark
– brought from Brazil a luggage full of fandangos
– had an amazing Christmas time with my family+friends in Brazil
– had an amazing Christmas time with my Czech family in Moravia
– reminded myself hundreds of times how lucky I am.

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