Since I moved to Bratislava


imageedit_2_8720641069Since I moved to Bratislava (272 days ago), I…

– spent 89 days out of Bratislava
– gave 13 lectures
– wrote (only) 39 blog posts
– read 15 books (including “Alice in wonderland”)
– started writing a journal with pen (and liked it)
– visited a number of castles and ruins
– walked 5+17+10 km in three days in the high Tatras
– sang “Gumdci medove” to keep the bears away (during the hike in Tatras)
– ate wild berries along the way
– saw the Sarajevo of Zlata
– had many (Bosnian & Slovak) ice-creams
– savored summery-breakfasts on our balcony
– cooked risotto funghi with the mushrooms we picked
– ate less popcorn, ate more nutella
– briefly sang “The sound of music” at Mirabell’s garden, in Salzburg
– danced to the 80’s-90’s music till 3 am
– spent my birthday in a SPA in Budapeste
– became (kind of) blond
– realized I was not born to be blond
– traveled by high-speed train in China
– tried some Chinese delicacies: duck’s tongue and preserved eggs
– treated myself daily with a shot of brandy (65% alcohol) while in China
– had an incredible allergic reaction (to shrimps?!)
– got a visit from my mother
– learned more about my family
– felt like home in Poznan, Poland
– bought a book at the airport to have some company
– was (surprisingly) open to people
– fell in love with my Czech guy (again)
– cried and made people cry
– smiled and made people smile too



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